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The U-Gro System at Sticks and Stones Farm, Center Barnstead, NH

In 2000, Guy and Barbara Comtois, along with their two sons, purchased 93 acres in Center Barnstead, NH. They wanted to enjoy the lifestyle of a family farm.

We had decided to be a traditional farm, but due to adverse weather and the high cost of machinery, we were unable to plant our crops. We figured, “There must be a better way.”

We began researching hydroponics and purchased an ebb and flow system (our first hydroponic system). It was costly, and non-expandable, so we researched again and found a stackable drip system that was reasonably priced. We immediately set it up in our living room.

We grew lettuce over the winter, and decided this was the way to grow. Our first year was committed to learning, and learn we did.

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